How to Not Choose Your Next Job

In this past one year, I have done two internships in two different companies. The first company (from now on shall be referred as Company A) is a company in Jakarta that makes some magical stuff that makes people come to you and give you food while the second company (from now on shall be referred as Company B) is a company in Bandung that makes some magical stuff that makes people able to leap over sea and mountains. Yes, what a magical world we are living in today. Anyway, due to my epic smiling face and my special ability to type and dig my nose at the same time, both companies noticed my talent and wanted to recruit me as their slave permanent employee. Unfortunately, as a human being, I only have a limited amount of time that I have to divide for work, sleep, and play Horizon: Zero Dawn (Buy it, guys, it is a wonderful game). So, working for two companies is out of question and I have to pick one.

Of course, in my current age, which is the multiplication of the roots of x3 – 6x2 – x + 30, I have to choose my next job thoughtfully as the next job that I take will most likely be my ‘settle-down’ job. I cant afford to screw my life choice anymore. So, to make sure that I choose the right company, I decided to make a pro-cons list for each company to make sure that I consider every aspects in my decision making. But of course, to be objective, for every pro in each company, I am going to balance it with another cons. I also will not consider the important aspect like salary, benefit, and potential chance of finding love. That way, I will have harder time deciding, but who cares, I write this post for fun anyway. So, here goes:

Company A

  • Pro: Hands out a cupcake for all employees in Valentine Days
  • Cons: Does not provide a date for Valentine Days
  • Pro: Hands out free snack every wednesday
  • Cons: The snack is usually not healthy (Yeah, like I care about eating a healthy diet)
  • Pro: Have a game arcade room in the office
  • Cons: Decided to put the crappy ‘Ninja Assassin’ game in the arcade room instead of ‘Time Crisis’ series or ‘Razing Storm’
  • Pro: Hands out MacBook Pro for work
  • Cons: Does not let you keep the MacBook Pro after the internship end

Company B

  • Pro: Have aircraft all over the place
  • Cons: Does not allow you to take a picture of it (Yes, fellow friends who are working in company B, if you are reading this, you know you are not supposed to take any pictures in the apron area, let alone posting it on social media :D)
  • Pro: Will probably let you wear the bad-ass blue jumpsuit for work
  • Cons: Will probably not let you wear the bad-ass blue jumpsuit for work
  • Pro: Has its own futsal court in the office area
  • Cons: The futsal court is basically a breeding ground for mosquito that you basically feel like you are in Starship Trooper movie every time you step in to the field (Lebay).

After writing the list above, I sat in my bed and looked at it deeply, trying to make up my mind. But I couldn’t. So, I took another look at the list and try to weight each options and make a decision. But I couldn’t. I, then, moved away from my bed and sat in my chair and I thought really hard about the list, again, trying to make a choice, but I still couldn’t. In the end, I decided to call my mom and ask her to make me some scrambled eggs because nothing could clear your mind like a decent scrambled egg. And so, I had my scrambled egg and went back to my room to make a decision. This time, I lied on my bed and turned off the lights, hoping to redirect my brain power for thinking instead of just seeing. But I still couldn’t make up my mind.

Anyway, kidding aside, ultimately, I decided to choose company B. I know this might seem like a bad decision with a little bit of sunk cost fallacy included (Yes, I have spent 7 years pursuing education in aerospace). Everyone including my parents were against it. However, six years ago, I was in a similar situation and chose to ignore my passion for aerospace and eventually it hit me back years later in form of regrets and envy of my friends who chose to stay true to aerospace. So, with a lot of consideradion in mind, this time, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and see what happen in company B, of course, with a plan B in mind.

To all of my colleagues in company A, it is really an honor for me that you guys wanted me abroad although probably that is because I kept on bringing Beng-Beng for you guys. I wish you guys a success and good luck for the weekly ‘hair-shaving’.

Stepen – The Permanent Intern

PS: This post was written emotionally with tears flowing for every keyboard buttons that I pressed.

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4 Responses to How to Not Choose Your Next Job

  1. HRD of Company A. says:

    I’m surprised to know that u’re willing to share ur beng-beng. U must have been in love with d people in company A which u will not find in company B. Also company B doesnt have ‘sleeping room’ as flexible n available as company A.


  2. Shilvi says:

    Your colleague in company A says:

    Your Beng-Beng will be missed :”


  3. Your Colleague in company A says:



  4. definitely not win says:

    why the fiuck gthere is no curse and swear in this blog, u disappoint us bitch


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