Intern by 30 Episode 2

One of Mr. Xorez’s roommate back in college used to say, “Each day is the first day of the rest of your life.” While that sentence has no motivational purpose at all and borderline pointless, that sentence somehow got stuck in his head. He used it often to motivate himself when he is not too excited to begin his day. And so he tried to applied the same thing for his current internship.

It was his first day of his internship (and also his first day of the rest of his life). On this fasting period, his office starts at 7.30, so Mr. Xorez woke up at 6.00, got dressed, fooled around a little bit in front of the mirror, and left for the office at 6.45, hoping to arrive at the gate by 7.15. He did. Unfortunately, since he has no intern id card yet, he needs to report to the receptionist, which apparently will not open until 8.00. He looked at his phone,  saw it was only 7.20, and play Skyforce 2014 to kill some time in front of the closed receptionist office in an elegant squatting pose.

8.00 sharp, the receptionist was open and he went in to exchange his id card for a guest badge and rushed to the human resource office to take care of the administration for his internship. After about one hour of paperwork, everything was cleared and he was ready to go to FTC division for some real work. But to his surprise, he was told to go home instead and start the internship on monday (it was friday that day). Apparently, the lovely lady that helped her with the administration tried to called Mr. Xorez’s supervisor in FTC but couldn’t reach him. So, instead of trying to call again after a while, she thought that the best thing to do is to send Mr. Xorez home.

The option of going home and wasting his entire day tindering from bed tempted Mr. Xorez. It was friday anyway and soon most of the employee would be gone for the friday prayer and no one would be at the office. But then that day was the first day of the rest of his life and he didn’t want to waste it for nothing. So he kindly asked the lady for direction to FTC and he went to search for his supervisor. In the end, he did find his supervisor, talked about the work in FTC and the content of his internship, and eventually he sent Mr. Xorez home.

Again, the option of going home and wasting his entire day writing some stupid blog post from bed tempted him. His supervisor sent him home anyway so there is nothing to do about it. But then that day was the first day of the rest of his life and he didn’t want to waste it for nothing. So, he kindly excuse himself as his supervisor asked him and decided to stroll around the factory to see some production line.

It is a big factory complex and there is a lot to explore. Mr. Xorez lightheartedly walked around the factory humming playing FFIX’s Hildegarde soundtrack until a guard stopped him for walking around like a sissy under no supervision from any employee. Mr. Xorez tried to explain to the guard that he was just looking around on his way out and that he was not an industrial spy. He also explained that the only thing he spied lately was just his ex and nothing more. Fortunately, the guard understood him but still concerned and decided to send Mr. Xorez out.

Finally, Mr. Xorez was escorted out from the complex and he looked at his phone. It was only 13.00. He could just just come back home and waste his entire day netflixing from bed. But then, again, it was the first day of the rest of his life. So, instead of coming back home, he decided to go to the mall and watch Wonder Woman saves the entire DC universe.

End of Episode 2

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