Intern by 30 Episode 1

Thirty should be a great age. It is the age where your career is on a roll. It is the age where you are financially strong, yet still young and energetic enough to spend it on your own poison. It is the age where you start to have (or maybe even already have) subordinates that you can ask to make a cup of tea for you without any slightest feel of guilt. Hell, maybe you are already a manager and have your own private secretacy, and hopefully a good one, not a sexy one. What’s the difference between good secretary and sexy secretary? Well, a good secretary says “Good morning, sir” while a sexy one says “It is already morning,  sir.”

Anyway, thirty should be a golden age for your carrier. Well if it is not golden, maybe it is silver or bronze, but my point is, your career should already be somewhere in the middle of something and heading towards greatness. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the hero of this story: Mr. Xorez Rotpar. He is almost thirty and yet he is not even close to start a career. In fact, he only just started his internship. And to make matter worse, he is still not sure whether he wants to stay in that company after his internship end. So, it is safe to assume that he is still one step away from starting his career in anything.

Okay, so, what’s the deal with Mr. Xorez? How come he is still nowhere in his very-very late twenties? Well, to answer this question, we have to go back to 2011.

In 2011, Mr. Xorez was a lively not-so-bright-but-has-hopes fresh graduate. Even though his head is slightly inclined to the right by 10degree and can not eat any form of vegetables, he was 24 and ready to conquer the world. The only problem is that he was broke as fuck with a girlfriend that made quite a comfortable living. With that my-girlfriend-makes-more-than-me pressure and his trust-me-i-am-an-engineer pride, he was set to find a good paying engineering job and he did. There was a catch though: it is not too related to his subject of interest. There is another catch: he actually wanted to study abroad and see if he have what it takes to be an awesome banana peeler on international scale. It took him awhile but in the end he ended up convincing himself that that job was the best for him and he took the job.

A <insert some random famous name here> once said, “Never hit back your dream, for it will only fall unconcious temporarily and it will come back at you in forms of regret” and that is what exactly happened to Mr. Xorez. After 4 years of countless overtime (Oh, yeah, there is another catch that I forgot to mention: the job was in Japan), he broke down. He realized that his job was not the job he want to grow old and die doing. His ‘dream’ came back and kicked him so hard in the crotch that he have to wear diaper in order to be able to stand up without peeing. So, he quitted his well-paid job that allows him to buy any Perfect-Grade Gundam plastic model every week, became homeless, and tried desperately to find a way back to a path that he foolishly left. He had a plan though:

1. Find a school in Europe and study his subject of interest

2. Finish the school course in style

3. Find an internship in Europe that allows him to show his greatness in raising Magikarp into Gyarados

4. Get hired as a permanent employee in Europe

5. Start a family with any female who would take him as husband

6. Adopt a healthly cow and name him ‘Big Show’

In his carefully calculated prediction, he thought that he would probably only fail at the fifth step but will manage to clear step 1 to 4 and 6. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he expected. He was stuck at step 3. He wasn’t able to find any internship in Europe although he has started applying from the beginning of the school course and kept on trying until the end of the school course. Depression slowly grew up to a point where he decided to put ‘Can drink 1.5L of soda in one go’ as his special skill in his CV. Still, nothing came through. Some companies didn’t even bother to write back a rejection. So, he went to the unplanned plan B. He decided to come back to his home country to do his internship in one company that for the sake of Mr. Xorez’s safety, its name shall be kept secret, but for the sake of confusing the audio book reader of this post, lets call this company CANNOT.

While the business that CANNOT do is what Mr. Xorez’s is greatly interested in and it is aligned with the school course that he took, CANNOT was not financially sexy and Mr. Xorez have a lot of sceptism about this company in terms of its working culture. Nevertheless, beggar can’t be chooser. So, he left Europe, went back to his home country in shame, and started his internship in CANNOT. And this is why he is currently still an intern, even though he will be 30 in less than 6 months.

End of Episode 1

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