A380 in MATLAB

Almost one year ago, I decided to buy this domain and combine two blogs that I have into one in this domain. Sadly, although I said ‘combine’ in my Hello World 2.0 post, I haven’t post any engineering/MATLAB related stuff. It is only the personal blog stuff that I’ve posted. But that ends today with this very first engineering post in my not-so-brand-new domain. It is still something pointless, but at least this post will trick me into thinking that I am productive with my spare time. But then, before I start showing you what did I make, let me tell you a little bit of backstory of it.

As some of you might know, last August, I started my new life as a lowly grad student in France (Yeah, goodbye overtime, I am once again a free man). Being a student, I once again got back with my old friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time: MATLAB. So, somewhere at the end of last month, I started doodling around with MATLAB and making some stuff for flight mechanics. The detail of what i did is boring but after I finished with that, I felt that the result was also boring. I thought that it would be a lot better to have the result visualized with a real aircraft-shaped aircraft instead of some sinusoidal plot. And since here in my campus I get the feeling that they are so proud of their A380, I decided out of nowhere to make a patch object of A380, just for the sake of showing-off visualization.

I downloaded a couple of A380 three view drawing, did some measurement while netflixing, did some coding while netflixing (again), and one month later, I finally finished the code. It is basically a handle class that allows you to create a patch object in a shape of A380 and moves/rotates it around as you please. Here is what it looks like:

Nice, isn’t it? (#proud)

Anyway, as with my old blog, I want to make a special page that lists all code that I’ve made, but since it is going to have only one entry (which is sad), I decided to postpone the page creation until I have several codes to share. Nevertheless, I’ve uploaded the file to Matlab’s file exchange and you can download and try it from the link below (and maybe let me know if I screw something up in the coding).

A380 for MATLAB (File Exchange Submission)

When I was making this code, I realized that the code can be further generalized with something like Aircraft class as the superclass with more specific aircraft type like A380 or maybe some other aircraft as the child class. However, law here states that I am not allowed to be too productive and besides, it is still toussaint holiday here and I need to train myself for Overwatch. So, the generalized superclass code will have to wait. Now, back to netflixing once again (and fatten myself up).


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1 Response to A380 in MATLAB

  1. Faiz Azizi says:

    Hai Stepen,
    In your previous blog, you shared the thin airfoil calculation Matlab (https://zerocrossraptor.wordpress.com/my-shared-resources/matlab-aerodynamics-toolbox/). I was wondering whether do you still have it. Currently, I’m a degree student and quite interested in those codes for my project analysis. Your help will be grateful to me.
    Thank you for your time



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