I Have OCD, Proof No. 1

I have an OCD. Yes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Well, not exactly OCD as in the mental disorder, but I tend to use that term for myself as I tend to be overly perfectionist and orderly towards almost everything, even the trivial things. I remember that recently I retyped my Matlab code to replace all *0.5 with /2 just for the sake of uniformity. The other days, I spent 2hours in Path of Exile just to organize my stash and took note of my characters’ skill tree in case they are wiped by the new patch.

I recognized the term OCD first time from a game called World of Goo (Awesome game, btw). In that game, you are provided with a certain number of goos to built a structure like building or bridge and the remaining unused goos after you completed the structure become your scores. If you manage to use the least possible number of goos, hence, have a lot of remaining unused goos, the game awarded you with the OCD distinction award. And as a self-proclaimed hardcore gamer, I always strive for OCD distinction award in every level.

Here is the catch though, to get OCD distinction award, sometimes it is not about being smart making the most efficient structure. Sometimes it involves doing the most absurb things in the game. In one level, you must smash the goos with each other to make the sleeping goos bounce to your structure (thus you can use it without the need of making a structure to reach them first). In another level, you must break down the structure after you’ve reached the checkpoint so that you can reused them. In some other level, you have to dance in front of the computer using red sunglasses to get the award.

Anyway, so why am I writing this post again?

Oh yeah, so somewhere in early August this year, out of pure randomness, I decided to clean my room and throw out some unused stuff and here is what I found (drumroll):

The one on the right is my paper pad for doing homeworks. Back in my undergraduate days, I had a lot of homeworks/assignments that must be done in handwritting instead of printing and I am really annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t (and still can’t) write in a perfect horizontal direction. It either goes up or down. So one morning (or one night, I forgot), I decided to spend some time drawing those guide lines and use it as a base pad under the paper that I used for the real homeworks so that I can write in a perfect horizontal line. And it felt really good afterwards to see all my writing in a perfectly horizontal line.

That’s it, one proof of my OCD-ness. I figure that from now on, I am gonna find some more stuff that shows my OCD-city so I decided to make new series of post about this. Yes, another series of post while I have a lot of un-updated series. Because that is what men is good at: making promises that we cannot keep (:D).

PS: Why am I writing this post again?

Stepen – proud OCD

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