Homeless Day 6 Round Up: Enter the Dragon (Season Finale)

In my short stay in the Neko Island, I spent roughly two hours at the manga island, laying in the green grass, chilling and waiting for the return ferry to come. During these waiting time, a lot of things crossed my mind; things like my future and how I envy cats in this island. Everyday cute girls come here to pet them. I wish I had someone who would pet me.

Oh, yeah, my future.

I just quit a stable good paying job that allows me to buy 2 Master-Grade gundam every weekend for a chance to study Aerospace again in France. Yup, I said chance, because up until this post is written, I still haven’t got any definitive answer whether my sponsor approved the university of my choice. I know I have a lot of things that I want to try to do, things like learning Android Programming, creating games with Unity, playing with Lego MindStorm, or learning how to knit. I know I have those things to fall back to, but still, compared to if I stay at my company, my future is now blurry. I felt like I am taking huge leap of faith.

Yeah, and since I am taking a huge leap of faith for my career, why not take a real leap too, literally.

So, after I got back from Tashirojima, I did some googling, made several phone calls and 24 hours later, here I am, at the edge of Ryuujin suspension bridge.

I’ve skydived before (check out The Jumper post), but bungee jumping is different. First of all, you are all alone instead of doing tandem with your instructor. Second of all, since you are all alone, you are the one who makes the jump, hence, consciously move your body towards the edge of the bridge and jump with all your fear. It is very different with the skydiving, where your instructor forcefully bring you down to jump, mercilessly. So, I felt enormously nervous that I kept thinking why did I travel 100km just to throw myself off a bridge? But then, as a man that started to get more and more feminine each day, I gotta bring back the masculine side of me into the surface and prove to the world that I am not a feminine boy, despite my girl-ish scream. I took one deep breath, posed for one picture, and then threw myself off the ‘dragon’ bridge.

Here is my awesome bungee jumping video for your entertainment, featuring Chocobo Racing’s soundtrack to mask the watery sound that comes out from my pant (if you know what I meant).

The jump and the 1g sensastion was a lot shorter than the skydiving, but, damn, it was so satisfying, especially the leaping of the bridge part. After jumping down and bouncing up and down several times, they reeled me back up and during this time, the philosopher in me kicked in and I started thinking about a lot of things again. Yeah, my resignation may be a huge gamble of my life, but I’d rather live my life to the fullest facing this uncertainty rather than continue living a certain life, but unsatisfying and restricting (and not to mention overworked). I know it is a leap of faith, but I am sure that God has his elastic cord tied tight at me ankle and I know that Alexandra Daddario will be awesome in the upcoming Baywatch movie.

After the jump and everything, I went back to Tokyo because I ran out of clean clothes  my parents came to Tokyo for some sightseeing the next day. I will be staying with my parent at some classy third-rated cheap hotel during my parent’s stay and this means the end of my homeless day, season 1. But, fellow fans, rest assured, I will be back on my homeless day after a week for the second second, and in a different location: Okinawa. Stay tune for more homeless idiocy!

Stepen – Taking a Break from Being Homeless

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