Homeless Day 5 Round Up: Neko Island

After a series of bad decisions on day 4, I proceed with the previous plan and went to the feline islands, Tashirojima. The plan was to take the 9AM ferry, reach the island at 10AM, and then catch on the last ferry back to Ishinomaki at 2PM. So,  I woke up at 6AM and took the first train to Ishinomaki station, followed by a 20-minute walk to reach the ferry port. At roughly 8.30AM, I was sitting nicely at the ferry port waiting for the ferry to come.

At around 9AM, the blue liner ship came and I boarded it. And here is when I realized something about this island: This island is a feminine tourist attraction. Yes, most of the visitors (at least when I was going) were high school girls and small girls with their parents, coming to the island to pet the cat. Not just that, the island itself exerts a high dose of estrogen that I could stop my pinky finger from contracting. Ten minutes in that island and I started ovulating.

But then, the ship set sail already and there is no turning back, so, I might as well enjoy the trip and embrace my feminine side. After all, I am a woman trapped in man’s body.

After about an hour of voyage, I reached the island and get of at Nitoda port and started walking towards the manga island, where they have building in cat shape. Along the way, as expected, I encountered several feline along the way. Some were shy away when I approached them, probably because of my chronic halitosis. Some, however, were too comfortable with human that they came towards you and roll around, hoping you to rub their bellies. While the number of cat is way more that you normally see in cities, it is not that much that they’ll overwhelm you as what I expected before. But they are very tame, clean, and fat.

I reached the manga island in no time, took some picture, and then head on to the cat’s shrine, which is the main attraction of this island. Along the way, I met this cat, for the sake of the story, let’s call him/her Jess and assume that he/she is a she. Jess was a cat with acute attention deficit disorder and she loves belly rub, so much that she hold a belly rubbing contest daily at the cat shrine to find the legendary belly rubber that will rub her belly until the end of time. I met Jess 10 minutes before I reached the cat shrine and she followed me up until the cat shrine.

At the cat shrine, there was this happy little family with one little girl. So I sat at one of the chair in front of the shrine while that little girl sat at the other chair. Jess followed me and sat in the middle of me and the little girl and that’s when the 1402nd belly rubbing contest started. Jess started moving toward the little girl and received a soft passionate belly rub combined with some praise. After 5 minutes of belly rubbing (which is a standard time for belly rubbing contest as stated by the laws), Jess moved on to me and receive a gentleman’s belly rub with a pat at the back everyone and then. After 5 minutes, she moved on and left the cat shrine. And that’s the end pf 1402nd belly rubbing contest.

After that, it was still 12PM, so I headed back to the manga island to chill around and sleep in the back of the bright sunlight with the high school girl petting cats as my sleeping lullaby. Then, roughly 15minutes before 2PM, I headed back to the port to catch the ferry, walked back to Ishinomaki and took a long train journey to Mito, Ibaraki for the homeless day’s season finale. What the hell am I doing in Ibaraki? Well, stay tuned for the season finale of Homeless Day adventure.

Stepen – setting up the anticipation for the next post

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