Homeless Day 2 Round Up: Going Down in the Crowd

The first day of my homeless life was awesome, but not so much with my second day. Because on the second day I came down with a cold + possible pollen fever + emotional depression. Yes, and to begin the story, let’s start from the end of second story, right after I ran away from the glorious nijikai (the after-party party).

So, yesterday, it was 9PM when the rain was pouring and the guys decided to do nijikai. Since I dont enjoy drinking alcohol so much (Yes, I prefer cola over alcohol, cause cola tastes better and by default I am already in a drunk state consistently, so I really dont need alcohol), I decided to ditched the nijikai, opened my phone, looked for the closest internet cafe to crash on, and headed there right away. Unfortunately, there is one thing that I overlook when I was looking for the internet cafe: free flow soft ice cream.

What’s wrong with free flow soft ice cream? Well, it is actually related with my medical condition. I was born with lactose intolerant. It is a medical condition where I cannot tolerate any soft ice creams within my proximity and always ended up eating them away until they are gone. On normal occasions, my lactose intolerance is usually counteracted with my stingy-ness. Unfortunately, since those soft ice creams were free, my stingy-ness couldn’t counteract my lactose intolerance. As the result, that night, I ended up eating soft cream continuously through out the entire episode of The Walking Dead and then woke up the next day with a runny nose.

So, the second day of my homeless life, I came down with a cold but still decided to have another glass of those soft ice cream for my breakfast, cause I like to live dangerously;D.

To add more complication to my cold, I started the day with a badminton session that ended up with me not winning any game at all, which is surprising since I was ranked the best ten among all the nine participating oji-san. So there it is, cold + emotional scar of losing, and it didn’t stop there.

At the afternoon, I was invited to a hanami session that turned out to be a cramping nightmare. Short story, we were going to nakameguro to watch the sakura bloom with the other thousands of people coming too. Bad idea. It is more like hitomi than hanami. I also felt that my runny nose and my sneezing get worse when I was in nakameguro. It might be the allergy from the pollen, I dont know. But one thing for sure, I am not coming to nakameguro for hanami again, ever. It left an emotional scar so deep that I started to act feminime very time someone said ‘nakameguro’.

Well then, I guess that’s it for day 2 post, which is mostly a hate rant. I don’t wanna write too much about this day cause I can’t really wait to write about the once-again-turned-awesome homeless life day 3. Oh, and to brighten a mood, here is another picture of Terra asking for food (cause no matter how bad is your day, it is always brightens up your day when you see your kid growing up well). #proudmom

Stepen – Lactose Intolerant

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