Homeless Day 1 Round Up: It Is Indeed a Good Day to be Homeless

Okay, this post is the continuation of the previous post. So, for those of you who haven’t see the previous post, click here to see the previous post and feast yourself on my awesomeness. Yes, click here not there. That is the wrong link, this one is the right one. Yes, this one. Got it? Okay moving on…

Okay, the first day of my homeless adventure is done and I have to say, it was a blast. Continuing from the last post, I went to my old dorm first thing in the morning to pick up my homeless survival bag and a parcel box of my stuff that I am going to send to my country beforehand by Japan post. A special thanks to Alvi for letting me throw my garbage and other unused stuff to his room. I guess what they say is true: It is always the nice guy who doesn’t get the girl.

Anyway, so after getting my stuff and disturbing Alvi’s gold deposit session (read: pooping session), I went to the post office by taxi to send my stuff back home. Yes, three years in Japan and finally the cheap little me succumb to the capitalism and used taxi at my own will. Nothing interesting happened in the post office, however I must point out that the postman praised me for being able to write the kanji for ‘tokyo’ perfectly. As a man with lack of self esteem and self hygiene, I cant help myself but doing gangnam style horse riding move after I got the praise and it did make my mood for the entire day. For those of you who is curious, here is my bad-ass kanji writing for tokyo that I wrote.

But that was not the highlight of today. The highlight was I managed to score a lunch date with a girl. Yes, a girl, a real girl with long hair and skirt and white skin, not some feminime boy or Daniel wearing skirt. Too bad I didn’t take any picture to prove that, but trust me, I did have a lunch date. Yes, no scam, hyptonize, black mail, or black magic involved, just me and my pheromone level peaking when I am homeless .

The date was lovely. At least for me, because she dressed lovely, but for her, maybe it is mostly embarrassing cause I dressed like, you know, a homeless. She ate chicken rice, I ate carbonara, and we had a little chat. The romantic mood was building up and we ended up staring deep into each other’s eye. Me with my creepy stare and her with her troubled ‘kimochiwarui’ stare. Suddenly this crowded food court became silence and I heard Bee Gee’s How Deep Is Your Love played in background. We are in this closed space where there is only the two of us inside. Everything else went white. It was romantic until this little brat that sit next to her shove her arm when he was moving out of his chair.

Recent published article in IAJCE (International Academic Journal of Emotional Engineering) stated that a male and a female requires a minimum 30seconds of continuous staring at each other before mutual feelings can develop. Depending on the compatibility of the couple based on the position of  North Star relative to South Star and its Relatives and the Euclidean distance between the two, it might be longer than 30seconds, varying from 30 seconds itself to like forever. Thanks to that little brat, I can only managed 29.543 seconds of continuous stare before he broke it by shoving her arm. After that she excused herself to the bathroom to puke. I think it is because of the chicken rice that she ate. Bad chicken rice.

After that, we went to Starbucks to grab some drink and chat a little bit before I finally sent her off back to her office and that’s where the date ended. Indeed what a great date to start my homeless life. For my level of hygiene, it is quite an achievement for being able to keep a lady around me for more than 15 minutes.

After the lunch date, nothing interesting happen so I just gonna make a quick recap of what’s happening after the lunch date in bullet list. Please memorize this list as they may come out in your exam.

  1. Go to a bookstore,
  2. Looked for a good book to read in between my free time,
  3. Bought the book,
  4. Went to Yodobashi Camera,
  5. Stared at the bad-ass Master-Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee,
  6. Wept my drool and moved on cause you cant afford it,
  7. Went to my soubetsukai (farewell drinking party),
  8. Ran away from the nijikai (second drinking party),
  9. Looked for a good internet cafe to sleep in,
  10. Went to the internet cafe and found out that the internet cafe offers free soft ice cream at no charge at all (Yes, free soft ice cream at no charge at all),
  11. Ate a massive amount of those ice cream until my mom called and tell me to go to bed and to wash my teeth,
  12. Slept sound like a baby to end the epic first day of homeless life.

Well, that’s all about my first day as a homeless. Overall, it was an awesome day and let’s hope that the next day is going to be better.

Oh, and for those of you who is wondering how Terra is doing, well, I got a good news for you guys. He has evolved into WarGreymon and now we are ready to save the Digital World from the upcoming apocalypse. To satisfy your curiosity, (yes, I know you want to see my baby kid, don’t be shy, just admit it) here is a snapshot of him when he just freshly evolved.

Stepen – Homeless Digimon Tamer

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