Homeless Day 1: It Is a Good Day to be Homeless

As you guys might already know, I am quitting my company. Yes, yesterday was my last day at work and today I am officially jobless, homeless, and also loveless (Okay, the last part has nothing to do with the story, so, moving on). Unfortunately, thanks to the crazy workload, my department didn’t allow me to take days off to ‘properly’ vacate my room at the company dormitory. So, yesterday, right after I left the office, which is around 11PM (Yes, what a lovely unforgettable last day at work), I am clueless as for what to do with my own life. Most of my stuff is still at the dorm, stashed illegally at Alvi’s room and all I have with me is the effing heavy safety shoes that I have to bring home and my brand new PS Vita that I bought because I am a sucker for Digimon and the new Digimon Next Order game is awesome. Yes, currently I have MetalGreymon named Terra as my partner and I really cant wait to see him evolve to the bad ass WarGreymon. Yes, and here is a picture of my very own Terra (I am a proud mother).

Okay, enough with the Digimon thing, focus, Stepen, focus.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, leaving the office yesterday.

So, it was 11PM and the last train was already gone and I didn’t have any choice but to walk home, carrying my heavy safety shoes with me. While I was walking, a lot of things crossed my mind. Some were heavy things like the world peace and what should I name my next Digimon. Others were simpler stuff like how Daniel would look in a skirt and why did he dumped me for a girl named Sunny which is also the name of a girl that Reza dumped me for. But then I remember that I have nowhere to stay for the night and as a girl trapped in man’s body, it is dangerous to stay out late. So, while walking and enjoying a piece of famichikin from family mart, I brainwashed about what to do to survive the night.

The first thing that comes into my mind was staying at McDonalds. Yes, order a fries and eat them really slow, and by slow, I mean like one fries for every 30minutes. Assuming one small bag of fries is 300gr in weight and one fries is weighted around 1.5gr (ref: International Code Book of Meal Engineering), one fries will take you 300gr / 1.5gr x 30min = 10hours. This way, you can stay the night at MacDonalds and have some fries left over when you wake up for your breakfast. Killing two birds with one stone, baby! Damn, I am genius, said me to myself.

But then, staying in MacDonalds was probably not a good idea as police may come every now and then to sweep some jobless homeless freeloader trying to make a free stay. Besides, eating fries is not good for my abs, which is almost six pack if you imagine it six pack. So, I decided to ditch that great idea and look for and internet cafe to spend the night.

So long story short, I found an internet cafe around Tsurumi, took the night pack which is 1500yen for 6hours, stayed the night there, and then woke up at 6AM in the morning cause my night pack only last until 6.20 and I am too cheap to spent another yen to extend my stay. Yes, I am jobless yet I woke up earlier then when I have a job. Oh, the irony… But then, it is good to be awake this early in the morning, watching the sakura (almost?) bloom and enjoying the morning breeze. Hell, it was a good day to be homeless! Now I am so excited to do the great random adventure around Japan not as a lowly salaryman. But first, gotta make a quick stop at my old dorm to pick up my things. Osh!!!

Stepen – officially homeless

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