Not Yet a Happy New Year

Actually, I have Coursera assignment deadline that is due in three hours, but since I still have no motivation to do it, I decided to just write a post for my blog to fool my self into thinking that I was kinda productive today. So, here it is, me fooling my self. (Hello, procrastination!)

So, what should I write about?

Oh, yeah, the happy new year thing.

This is my first post in 2016 and although it is already two weeks late, I just wanna say happy new year! But for me, it is not yet a new year. My new year will hopefully starts in March. Why March? Because that is where I will have my old life back as Stepen the jobless fool (aka I am quitting my job, yay?) and maybe start a post series “Jobless Fool’s Diary” (okay, added this one to my todo list, which already have too much items in it). So, why am I quitting? Well, it is kinda hard to explain without making me look like a selfish asshole or without making my department look like a selfish asshole. But to simply put it together, it is because we are not meant for each other.

So, yeah, putting the reason of me quitting aside, currently I am both in a mixed state of being hopeful and worried at the same time. I can see all the possibilities that I can do when I because jobless once again. All those heavy-weight Coursera courses that I wanna take, all those travels (Raja Ampat, Raja Ampat…) that I wanna make for showing-off in my facebook page (Yeah, baby, it is the showing off that is important, not the destination or the experience :D), and all those unbinding sidejob / personal projects that I wanna do. They are all so shiny that I get an erection just by thinking of it. Okay, maybe an erection is not the right words to describe it, so let me rephrase it: They are all so shiny that I cant stop drooling when I think of it. However, that also means I have to say goodbye to steady income (and no more buying Gundam every week). Yeah, like they said, money is always the problem. (T T)

But, anyway, what is it that I wanna say?

Oh shit, I forgot what I want to say. Damn those facebook notification popup sounds, thank you for distracting me.

Anyway, so yeah, happy belated(?) new year to you all and don’t forget to wish me a happy new year to me in three months.

Stepen – About to become Jobless

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  1. edreaMJ says:

    Pen, lo harus mulai nontonin funempoyed series by Wong Fu Productions deh:


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