Jumper – Season 1

Stressed out with the recent break-up and the enormous overtime hours, I decided to be crazy and take the ultimate challenge for my screaming and pee-holding skills: doing skydiving! And, yeah, you heard (or maybe read) me right, I am doing skydiving.

It all started around one month ago. At that one day, I had a lot of works to do with zero motivation to finish everything (Well, this pretty much happens everyday actually). So, to boost my motivation, I decided to do a quick browsing (this pretty much happens every one or two hours) and ended up finding a skydiving event in TokyoGaijins. After a quick chat using office messenger, Me and Ryan, a friend who turned out to be suicidal like me, decided that we are going to do this. Long story short, we registered for the event, I let Ryan pay for me (Yay!), and that’s it, our participation in the event was confirmed.

Somewhere along the way, we talked to some people about the skydiving and found some other adrenaline junkie / suicidal co-workers. So, a skydiving trip that were meant to be a bonding moment between me and Ryan ended up with four girls joining us. Yep, four girls. Too bad these girls are not available for us to date due to age restriction or relationship restriction.

So, last saturday was the big day. Waking up 6AM (which is a miracle, considering it was Saturday), I took bath (which is also a miracle, considering it was cold) and a very long prayer, hoping that I’ll survive the skydive without peeing in my pants. I texted my mom, said I love her, and told my mom to bury my alienware with me in case I do not survive the jump (at least don’t let my brother have it). Then I went to the station to meet up with some girls and went together to the skydiving place. In train, I continued my sleep. After some autopilot when changing trains, around 9.20, I finally arrived at Fujioka, Tochigi, met up with the event organizer and continued with car to the skydiving place.

Personally, I thought that the skydiving place is some sort of airstrip with all the fancy tower and hangar, pretty much like a small military base. But, the place turned out to be just a simple flat grassland in the middle of a very huge corn field with two trailer and one helicopter. After having my image ruined because of my wild imagination, I proceeded with the registration, administration, insurance and all the boring stuff that I wanted to just skip away. After that, I put on my jumpsuit and spent some time acting badass like I was some bad-ass pilot or paratrooper. Five minutes later, a friend told me that I look like a convict in that suit.

After playing around a bit, I suddenly got called and turned out that I was in the second order to jump. Without anytime to feel nervous, I had a quick introduction with Taka-san, whom I will be counting on to save my life up there, put up my safety harness and head to the helicopter right away. I was surprised because I didn’t think that my turn is going to be that fast and before I knew it, I was already sitting there inside the helicopter, ascending up to 3000m. As the altitude increase, so does my heartbeat and my urge to pee.

After some time in the helicopter, finally the time came. I crawled over to the jump door with Taka-san attached to my back and stepped on the helicopter step. I looked down and saw everything was so small that I just wanna crawl back in. Before I say, “Chotto matte kudasai…” which means “Please wait a minute, I gotta rethink my decision and maybe go in for awhile”, Taka-san just swang me off and we jumped. And I could help but screamed in a very high-pitched bitch-like voice when I free-fell and felt the negative G on me, and trust me, opening your mouth during the jump was a bad idea.

I screamed for like the first 20 seconds non-stop (Yeah, I was scared as hell and I didn’t want to close my eyes, so I screamed to relieve some of my fear while releasing some fluids from my mouth and nose) and the wind was going through my mouth, making your throat dry and creating a weird pocket and makes you look not-so-good in the camera. After that, I felt weightless and started to stop my lady-like scream. I peed a little bit though. Then, Taka-san span me around a little bit to make a good shot of the surrounding and after that, he deployed the chute. The sensation when I free fell and then feel weightless while still falling down was really priceless. I really felt everything running through my body and it was fricking awesome. However, after the chute deployed, the sensation was less intense and the feeling was really similar when I was para-sailing back then in Bali, the only difference is that we did have any boat to pull us. We floated and circled the landing zone for a while and then landed in the grass field. As soon as I touched the ground, I quickly checked my pants. Thank god, it looked dry if you see it from the outside.

For those of you who wanted to see my scream, here is my complete skydive video that I just freshly uploaded in youtube. Please be reminded that you may see some disturbing bodily fluid coming from my mouth and nose and please refrain yourself from laughing when you hear my bitch-scream.

So, after a while, the others got their turn one-by-one and the skydive things came to an end. Overall, all of us really had a great experience, except for Deedee, that said that she hated the circling around after the chute is deployed (Well, if you don’t do that, you may landed in the corn field, or worse, in someone’s roof). We had fun in the jump and had more fun teasing each other in their skydive videos (Someone has mucus on her face through out the entire jump, to bad she aint gonna upload her video). We decided (or at least me) that we are going to do this again next year, so, for those of you, fellow globals who have the balls or is feeling suicidal at the moment, you are welcomed to join us next year.

Stepen – Only Peed A Little During The Skydive

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  1. linkse says:

    count me in next year pen!


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