Jingle Bomb

Dashing through the class,
With bomb strapped at my back,
I have a nasty plan,
for christmas in the lab.

I went into the lab,
and plant the bomb inside,
but then I got caught in the ass,
by the people inside the lab.

Oh, jingle bomb, jingle bomb,
Mine blew up you see,
What should I tell bin Laden about what’s going on.

Oh, jingle bomb, jingle bomb,
The lab kids caught me here,
The only thing I can do now is,
surrender and become GAY!!!!!!!!

taken and modified from Jeff Dunham

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1 Response to Jingle Bomb

  1. linkse says:

    SO, this is the plan for ur Christmas?? Hahahaha,, dasar para penghuni AeroGAYdynamic.. You are GAY already, no need to surrender


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